Best Pet Friendly Hardwood Flooring in Hermosa Beach, CA for Dog Urine, Scratches & More

Do you wish for wood floors in your home? Wood floor add a charm and beauty to any home. However, you may be looking at your four legged friend and wonder if wood floors are even an option for you. Dogs and cats and damage wood floors with their claws and leave starches and what about the accidents they may have? Do wood floors stand a chance against your pets? Yes, you still can have wood floors in your home however, not all wood floor types work well with pets. Sequoia Flooring will share some of the best wood floor types for pets owners.

Ipe or Brazilian Walnut Flooring

Ipe or more often referred to as Brazilian walnut is a durable hardwood floor that even be used for exterior decking. Ipe is very durable and can withstand the abuse from pets. When Ipe first arrived is was very expensive however, it has come down in price is is more affordable option for pet owners.

Hard Maple Flooring

Another hardwood floor option is Hard Maple. Hard maple is another durable wood flooring, it is the same wood floor used on basketball courts. When looking a maple types you want a hard maple often referred to as a sugar or rock maple flooring. There are many species of maple so make sure you get the right types to withstand your pets. Hard maple are idea for high feet traffic areas and is also encourage for large family housing.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo floors are growing in popularity they are strong, flexible and durable. Technically bamboo is not a wood but a grass that is woven to create sturdy planks for flooring. Bamboo comes in many color, texture and grain types which provide the homeowner with plenty of options and verity. The benefit of hardwood floor and bamboo floors is that they can be refinished and smoothed down. Even if your pet manage to get scratches over time, the wood can be sanded smooth and refinished which extend the use of the flooring even with pets.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring as another option for pet owners. Laminate is a manufacturers look looking flooring that is made of many layer the top being scratch-resistance. Additionally laminate floor are also coated with a water resistant sealer which for pets with potty issue makes cleaning up easy and the urine wont affect the floor. However, pet mess must be cleaned quickly prolong exposure will eventually have it affects.

How to Protect Hardwood Floors from Dog Scratches

To help protect wood floors from pet the many concern are scratches. To help prevent scratches keep you pet nails trimmed and rounded. Make sure to provide a bed for your dog in their favorite sleeping spot. When pets stand up they tend to dig their claws into the ground, frequent abuse can have it affect on the wood., Let the pets bed take the abuse and not the floor, besides your pet will want somewhere soft to sleep.

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Even if you have pets don’t avoid the pleasure of wood floors in your home. Wood floors are easily to keep clean, improve indoor allergies and are simply beautiful. When looking for wood floors, contact Sequoia Flooring. We sell, install and help maintain wood floors. Come and see Sequoia Flooring today.