Glue Down Hardwood Flooring Install

There are a few ways to have your hardwood flooring installed. The method you choose will depend on a few factors. One of the methods is the glue down installation method. When you choose Sequoia Flooring to handle your glue down hardwood flooring installation, you know the job is done with quality and precision. We have the training and experience to deliver superior hardwood installation every time you choose us. Following is a little more information about the glue down installation method.

Glue Down Engineered Wood Floor Installation Process

When you have chosen the glue down method of installation for your hardwood floor, the wood is glued to the subfloor or a moisture barrier using a strong adhesive. Most of the time, this method of installation is used for engineered hardwood flooring. It is important that your subfloor is completely dry and flat for proper installation.

Benefits of Glue Down Hardwood Floor Installs

The biggest benefit you will notice with the glue down method is the noise reduction. The strong adhesive bonds the hardwood with your subfloor in a way that still allows it to expand and contract but it won’t grow and shrink as much as the floating or nail down methods. If you have chosen engineered hardwood flooring, some people complain that the sound is hollow when you are walking on it and the glue down method will help the flooring to feel more solid.

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No matter what method you have chosen for your hardwood floor installation, whether it be glue down, nail down or floating; you can count on the flooring experts at Sequoia Flooring to deliver quality results every time. Call us today for a hardwood flooring consultation!